Friday, August 5, 2011


Every one working hard At tattoo convention!!



Peaps on the streets.

Hey,everyone!!!How's your life treating you?
It's so nice that there is no follower in my blog.Cuz I can talk shit about anything,anybody!!
Just kidding.
Here is a new post.

I'd like to go skating early in the morning or latenite,cuz There isn't much people on the sidewalk.
Somehow,A lot's of people are talking to me.
I was skating around 3 am at Hollywood Boulevard in front of Car dealer shop where has the ledge and Bright light all night long.
I missed the trick and the the car passed by and passenger yelled at me.
He said "you sucks!!"Then I goes "No,you sucks"
I only saw back of the their car,not sure they heard me or not.I got really pissed.

But I kept skating.Then Another car passed by.
There was little girl inside and she goes "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'
Somehow, I felt really good ,felt like a Rockstar...

There is people give me a good comment,also.
The other morning, A guy who passed by ,told me "practice makes perfect.'
so I goes 'That's right."
Now It's my turn.I saw this old man on my way,who are pushing shopping cart that covered with American flag and Eagle poster.
I yelled at him ,goes like"U,S,A"
and He goes "That's right,son"

It's fun to communicate with stranger,isn't it?

Friday, April 29, 2011

No muzik,No work.

NO shelter,No work.

I am you,you are me.

Talking about crazy stuff.

doing crazy stuff.

Such as ripping the edge,Moshpit,Adrenalin rush are driven in my vein.

Introduction of TKO

I've got sleepless night.My mind is awake and spinning inside my head.

My name is TKO aka Skunkycrunky.
I'm from nowhere and got stuck in dead end generation.
I don't even know how I landed in this wasteland.
I don't have a teacher or master.
I don't like to go churches and don't like hear the preachers.

I am just another creature of nature.
Human being are just another kind of animal.
We created so many rules.
everybody is player in this city.
walk around the block.
People are ranting.
Some are looking for the problem.
Runways on the pretty dress.
Girls Night out and Boys night out!!

Accidentally found this code to operate the perfect crime.
If I'll navigate this game right,I'll be free.
release from this ball and chain.

As simple as you can get...I have no greed,give you everything what I got.

I'm so into you, I wanna dedicate my life to you.
I'm your Slave,wanna be your dog.
don't know how to explain this,but If you are around me more will get it.
I don't like to show the sketch book,I wanna show you the real accomplishment that I can deliver to you.
i got millions questions to ask before you go.

There is so many prick in this city,try to use you and make money out of your talent.
Combination of this and that so what do you say.
Let's kick off the jam.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love will tear us aprat!!

I've been hectic preparing for 2010.
So,One of my buddy came by and got tattooed done by me.We've been talk about this tattoo session and Finally we did it!! It's always fun to do my own art work and tattoo on my friends.Thank you,Big B!!I'll see u at the show!!
Check his band out!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 is Almost OVER!!

Hello everyone!! As you know,2009 is almost over,,,So, Before 2010 start,I need to put up Pics that I took in this year.Less word,more pics!! That's what I like it!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

San Jose tattoo Convention!!

Yeah!!I finally did it!!
Don't ask me yet,I'll explain.
Anyway,I went San Jose tattoo convention month ago. I've try to blog about it.but I was like"I'll do it tomorrow" and I never did it till now.
When you go another town,you just take tans of photo,you know?
A month was long enough to digest all the encounters and experiences I had in this road trip.
Tattoo Artists and Musicians who represent San Jose is No Joke,son!!

Mike Giant was live painting at his booth!!

Horitake(state of grace )


Oh~~,My mom.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just kiddin.

Adrian Lee( Analog tattoo
Mark and Mecha 1 from Insolence (
Thanks a lot, Mark and Cheese.